its been a wonderful show so far. inha & dalpo had an adorable cute romance,…..the whole “ki jae myung” mystery got resolved very quickly,….& inha understanding dat she was keeping dalpo caged up in a fantasy world of ignorance and happiness knew she had to let him go for his own sake…..d break-up scene dere was heartbreaking but absolutely essential for d integrity of the storyline….dis was followed by even heartbreaking scenes where dalpo reveals his true name, his brother’s crime, & leaves d family….it was beautifully horrible d way he made grandpa cry….& im loving inha’s character so far….instead of being d typically clingy dainty female in most dramas…dis character shows a more stronger & confident side to a woman in love….all dat having been said…im realy worried about d next episode!

i mean d preview wasnt very reassuring….although d written preview i found on anuthr blog sounds gud…i wonder if episode 13 realy will be aired dis week or not?……becoz sum dramas dont air during festive hollidays especially christmas & new year….& im epecially more worried now since dramafire is down & birth of a beauty wasnt aired on yodrama. i mean it was supposed to air latest on monday(22/12) but it hasnt yet. not even on dramago i mean dis is serious cause for worry….. WILL V GET NEW EPISODES DIS WEEK OR NOT!?? is anyone else worried though or is it just me?

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